Downhole Camera System

The Groundsearch colour borehole video camera system is supplied by GeoVISIONTM and has a maximum depth capacity of 600m. It allows high-quality, real-time video imaging and DVD recording of boreholes, shafts and voids. It uses a stainless steel, colour camera with a motorised mechanism to view downwards, pan 360 degrees and tilt 170 degrees. There is a compass to orientate features with respect to magnetic north in most open and PVC-cased bores/wells.

 Factors that determine the quality of borehole images may include: 

• Water clarity.

• Distance from the object.

• Amount of light.

• Location of light source in relation to the camera and the object. Suspended particles may reflect light directly into the camera lens – reduced by using supplementary light source.

• Stability and location of the camera – controlled by the use of adjustable centralisers.

• Angle of view between the camera and the object – flexible panning and tilting maximises viewing.