About Groundsearch Australia

Groundsearch Australia Pty. Limited is an Australian-owned company that was established in 1992 as a broad-based, independent consulting and contracting group. We continue to provide data acquisition and review services in the civil engineering, coal mining, hard rock mining, mineral exploration, CSM, ground water and environmental fields for some of the world’s major corporations. We have a large established client base and provide downhole logging services in Australia and further afield.

Groundsearch Australia is Century Geophysical LLC’s Global Partner for Australasia and is the authorised representative for sales, maintenance and repairs of their equipment in the Australasian and Asia-Pacific regions. This gives us unmatched technical support for the Century Geophysical equipment which we operate allowing for increased equipment performance and the ability to adapt to individual client needs. Expansion into specialised, cased hole technologies reduces a third party requirement for some well completion services.

Current clients include:

  • AGL Downstream Services
  • Aztec Engineering Company Limited (Thailand)
  • Bengalla Mining Company
  • BFG Daracon
  • Bloomfield Group
  • Centennial Coal Company
  • CMW Geosciences
  • D&N Geotechnical
  • Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Glencore Australia
  • Hydrostor – A-CAES NSW Pty Ltd
  • Impax Drilling
  • inGauge Energy
  • John Holland Group
  • MACH Energy Australia
  • Manhattan Group
  • New Hope Group
  • Newmont/Legacy Minerals
  • Pan Asia Metals – Thailand
  • Peabody Energy Australia
  • Reditus Consulting
  • SLR Consulting
  • SMEC
  • Tetra Tech Coffey
  • Thomson Resources
  • Water Resources Drilling
  • WSP Australia Pty Limited
  • Yancoal Australia Limited

Why you should use Groundsearch Australia

Simply because we consistently achieve attainable KPIs and other obligations that save you money. 

Local Knowledge – Global Experience

Technical Facilities

Groundsearch has an electronics workshop and technical personnel to enable repairs and testing of Century Geophysical equipment in house. This facility also offers a repair service to other users of Century Geophysical equipment that can shorten equipment repair turn-around times by negating the need to send equipment to Tulsa OK USA.

Also, there is a large engineering workshop that is used for fabricating and maintaining logging units.

Groundsearch Australia is an associate member of AMEC