9804 – Acoustic Televiewer

The 9804 Acoustic Televiewer takes an oriented “picture” of the borehole using high-resolution sound waves. This acoustic picture is displayed in both amplitude and travel time. This information is used to detect bedding planes, fractures, borehole breakout and other borehole anomalies without the need to have clear fluid filling the boreholes.

The 9804 televiewer digitises 256 measurements around the borehole at each high-resolution sample interval. This data can be oriented to North and displayed real-time while logging using the Visual Compu-Log System.

Analysis software includes colour adjustment, fracture dip and strike determination, and classification of anomaly. It allows information to be displayed on the graphical screen, plot, and in report format.

Tool Specifications

  • Outside Diameter: 50.8mm + centralisers
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Length: 193cm
  • Pressure limit: 105kg/cm2
  • Temperature limit: 70ºC
  • Logging speed: 4.5m/m