9321 – Full Waveform Sonic Toolt

The 9321 tool contains a single transmitter and dual receiver to record formation travel times. The full wave form data are also recorded simultaneously, along with near and far travel times, borehole-compensated delta time, calculated sonic porosity, receiver gains, near/far amplitudes and natural gamma. The tool operates at 24kHz and therefore the period is 41.7usec. The sonic or acoustic log uses the basic principle of sound waves traveling through a media. The Century sonic system uses a single transmitter and dual receiver system for recording the travel times of the formation. The receivers are spaced 0.9m and 1.2m from the transmitter. Therefore, a 0.3m calculation can be made to measure this interval transit time.

Tool Specifications

  • Length: 283cm
  • Temperature limit: 85ºC
  • Diameter: 50.8mm + centralisers
  • Pressure limit: 175kg/cm2
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Logging Speed: 4.5m/min