System VI Surface to Tool Interface

Each Groundsearch logging unit is equipped with a System VI peripheral device to interface between onboard PCs and backup Notebook computers.

All logging specific hardware/electronics are packaged into a single small box and connected to the users’ computer with a standard Ethernet cable connection.

System VI utilises dual Digital Signal Processors (DSP) combined with Multitone Quadrature modulation resulting in a substantially faster data transfer rate and increased reliability than any prior system. The high resolution acoustic televiewer (256 samples @ 0.005 metre vertical resolution) is collected at logging speeds of 4.5 metres per minute, without loss of resolution. This performance is more than twice of that of any other commercially available logging system.

The increased computational capacity provided by the DSP’s has allowed the use of real-time signal conditioning in the frequency domain as well as the implementation of sophisticated error detection and correction algorithms.

System VI automatically identifies the connected logging tool and adjusts both power and telemetry as required. Self contained diagnostic programs and the use of an optional tool simulator module/software allow for complete system operational verification and concise trouble location.

The Display software provided prints log data via any Windows compatible colour or monochrome printer.