9650 – Induced Polarisation Logging Tool

The Induced Polarisation Logging tool is a multi-parameter tool for hard rock mining and exploration applications. Chargeability of the formation is used to detect sulphide bearing rocks, similar to pyrites and other conductive minerals. The tool uses a 16 and 64 array electrode spacing and passes an alternating current through the formation, resulting in a measure of chargeability.

The tool records four different parameters simultaneously in one pass of the borehole.

Properties Measured:

Natural Gamma
Spontaneous Potential

Single Point Resistance

Induced Polarisation – 0.1mV/V resolution

Tool Specifications

Length: 244cm Diameter: 50.8mm Weight: 15kg

Maximum working temperature: 85°C

Pressure rated to 4000 Psi – 275 Bar allowing for deep hole data acquisition

Logging speed of 9m/min for best in industry acquisition time