3rd Party Tool Conveyance for Archer – The Well Company

Groundsearch Australia recently collaborated with Archer to provide tool conveyance utilising one of our wireline logging units.

The original plan for operations was for deployment from the derrick of the drilling rig and this was carried out with success. Additional wells were drilled and we advised the client that we could perform a rig-less operation on a 2nd well so that the drilling rig did not require to be skidded across, saving potentially 3 days of rig operations.

Multiple runs were carried out on each well under differing scenarios, shut-in and pressurised casing annular to obtain the best quality data. Continuous runs were performed on the in-log at 10mpm and then station logs at 2m intervals were carried out on the out-log. Keeping a tight time schedule was key to successful operations within restricted working hours, due to location and proximity to residential premises.

The Archer VIVID acoustic listening tool provided the cement sealing quality by mapping the undesired fluid migration to enable client to perform accurate remediation during P&A phase.

Repeatability of application provided total confidence in this data. Correlation with CCL from other logs ensured that correct and definitive depths were recorded.

After 45 hours of winch operations, we had as a partnership of services provided 10 independent logs in total, exceeding client expectations.

Groundsearch Australia looks forward to future collaboration with Archer in the Australasian market.


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